Angry Talks about No more Nike etc


I know that every time I do one of these Buoloco interviews I say something

that offends someone. If you're offended then great, that means you're not

one of these fucking corpses that's rotting away inside the snowboard

industry doing nothing to fix the problems.

Do I have all the answers? No, but I do see a lot of the problems and try

to use my little corner of the industry through my outlets to effect the

change I want in it. Perhaps if you're reading this you too want to effect

a positive change so that the snowboard industry will be here in the

future.  Because lets be honest, if the whole industry died right now;

People would still fucking snowboard one way or another.

I'm not going to apologize for saying what I felt needed to be said. There

once was a point when snowboarders were allowed to do that, now we've

castrated ourselves and tried to become the exact opposite of what we once

were. But since I don't believe we can live in the past we can only live in

the present in hopes of shaping the future I'm going to just do what I feel

is right and regardless of the outcome try to help snowboarding as I see

fit. It might not fit your agenda and that's fine.

In short if you actually read this I applaud you because I know most people

don't, they just skip to the meat and potatoes. I will apologize for the

scattered nature of this interview because even though I had fore warning

of it, I wasn't fully prepared with what I wanted to say.

As for the photos included in this, Ed asked for six photos. I think this

pretty much sums up how I feel about the snowboard industry.

Avran Hitting Jumps

Filming day

Buoloco 2017

Dave downing is my uncle!!!!!

Dave Downing is my uncle. The kid sitting with him is my cosen.SurprisedCoolLaughing

Sums it up

Go back and listen to this rant by Angry Snowboarder.  And I mean realy listen to what he has to say.  People, he is spot on.



beat it.

quit giving this guy attention. please. thanks.

Holy Foam festival

Holy Foam festival


Monologues: Not just for super villains anymore.


Sounds like he has it all figured out.  What does he do in the industry again?


Sick photo bro.


Breath bro, breath.