Austen Sweetin is the new Blood of Forum Snowboards

 New Blood Seriously, Zero keep true to their course and blast out another hammerfest of gaps, rails, gaps to rails, rails to gaps- As long as it’s big and scary it makes the cut.   So, what’s new? Well, apart from the obvious fact that Jamie Thomas and his team of stuntmen are keen to promote the ‘grabbing of the board’ by serving up at least one per part,     you might also notice the resistance to quick editing. Phew! I was worried I might have another epileptic seizure if the editing hadn’t changed… A quick run-down of performances will let you know that JT styles it up with some nice moves like 360 no-complies and polejams. I think his body has finally let him know that Stairway rails are a sure way to Heaven (Ha! What a pun!)  

Buoloco 2018

He seemed sooo stoked to be

He seemed sooo stoked to be interviewed. Have more interviews with this kid is working hard and he doesnt seem like a stupid white wannabe gangsta