Bob Klein How to keep The Dream Alive


Living the Reality, or in Buoloco’s terms, How to Keep the Dream Alive…..

For me, there never was anything but reality. My “dream” became reality as soon as I decided to work any job I could and do whatever I could to continue to snowboard how, when and where I want. I am in love with and addicted to riding snowboards. I can’t get burned out on my addiction, it’s too fun. Anyone who gets burned out, is probably just burned out on the industry or scene surrounding snowboarding, not the riding. Who gets burned out doing something that is so much fun? I can’t ever get enough.

Bob Klein

Buoloco 2017

I've heard that before

That's because Bob Klein has been true to his view since at least 19 hundred and 93, when I first was introduced to Bob. Good rant, Klein, and good job moving that headphone wire off the Smokin' Jay Snowboard logo. -Sonny Mayugba

Bob was my favorite team manager ever!

Charging hard...even under the lift is living the dream! Mark Ogden

Throughout the whole of this

Throughout the whole of this interview I felt like screaming out uncontrollably: FUCK YEEEEAH! Thank you for an awesome interview to Buoloco and Bob Klein.