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Buoloco 2017

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No matter where our roots are in any sports we choose, There are certain individuals who never forget about there roots and giving thanks to who got us here in this world we live in. Sure our sport of snowboarding has it's Hip-Hoppers and what I call Yo kids, Bandana wearing and pants that barely stay on, Always to day still wonder how they stay on? I've realized our sport has seen and been through many changes some back to where it all began, Like bands that travel the world to make a lasting impression and build the name for which they are, It all requires putting time to progress in everything one does, Progression is what keeps this lifestyle always true to where it came from, It's up to us whether your a Wheat Grass drinking Hippy, Hip-Hopper or Metal Head like me to always give back to this lifestyle to which I love soo much.