Laura Austin Chronicles

Laura Austin is here in her first chronicle at She chats about the future of magazines, whether they will disappear or not. Also about photographers and how they are treated these days. She believes some are treated like slaves with zero respect.
Now a question for you, the viewers. Do you see magazines disappearing all together in the near future?

Buoloco 2017

Magazine vs internet

Great topic, A pressing pt how  magazines have a whole different way of presenting a topic. Photography seems to be playing a similar roll  


this is completely random... but i just watched your vid/interview on Ed's page. With all due respect to blogs, and your blog, it's sort of killing motive to buy mags. For years, I would never have a subscription, I'd used to love the physical act of actually buying a snow mag, it was exciting. During the summer I couldn't wait for the buyers guide, and I'd read them front to back.

But the other day when I went to buy the new Complex or Antenna, I couldn't get myself to do it. I just felt like months of hypebeast sort of killed it for me. But I still love snow mags, they're timeless, impossible to throw away... There's definitely a problem here that needs to be fixed.

Good insight

I like the content of this blog.  I agree with Laura, it would be a crime if the amazing photos that show sports, history...Life are diminishing in quality and value!


Great points! I'd love to see web content transformed from an emphasis on quanity to quality. It doesn't help that quanity/quality sems so apparent everywhere beyond the web, itself even. I've heard people say they think only the higher quality (content, paper, etc) mags will last. If only that were the case with the web. I've shot for and written web articles. Photography is what i'm good at, but with writing, i'm just 'good enough'. If I could just focus on shooting an event and an actual journalist did the writing, the article would be much stronger. How could photographers bring quality/quanity to the web? I don't see any way with the current mindset of most content driven websites. Maybe if site owners/editors saw that higher quality articles brought more traffic, their mindset would change. ...which brings up the question: Do readers really want/care about higher quality content ?

– Pat Branch