Powdersurfing by Jeremy Jensen


 Since the winter of 2000 I had experimented with riding bindingless snowboards,


chopped down snowboards, vintage shaped snowboards and bi-deck snowskates.  After so

many years of trying this with different types of snowboards, we decided to try

something different.  I wanted something that I could ride forward and backwards, be



able to ollie, do skate style tricks, and be able to slash powder of any depth.  So



in the winter of 2007-08 my friends and I (Jeremy Jensen, Brock Bitton, Craig

Stevenson, and Jarvis Parry) started experimenting with building our own boards and

developing the shapes and types of boards that would allow us to do this.   This was

the beginning of Grassroots Powdersurfing.  For me, "Powdersurfing" is the perfect

blend of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.  Three of my favorite things

rolled into one.  A pure bindingless experience without any restrictions or aids. 

Just you, a board, and a mountain covered in pow. 


Our boards are designed to take advantage of all types of terrain from steep

backcountry terrain to the little hill behind your house.  All you need is a slope

and a few inches of soft snow.. the rest is up to you.  The freedom to do skate

style tricks means it can be as difficult as you decide to make it, no matter what

terrain you are riding.  Add that to the unbeatable feeling of riding powder and you

have yourself one of the funnest activities on earth.  This is Powdersurfing.



Photos... All photos/screen grabs were taken by me (Jeremy Jensen) .. all of them

are me riding except the first shot.  That one is Craig Stevenson holding the board

in the snowy light.

Jeremy Jensen Ollie

Powdersurfing ollie

Powdersurfing slash

Jeremy Jensen

Buoloco 2018