Zach Hooper Day in the Life

we can talk about how i lost the woman love of my life but still have my true love which is snowboarding
i get up at 7
go walk my dog
get to the back country
drop lines
get out
go to Buttermilk and shred park
go to work at 330
and tune skis and snowboards all night till 123
and then come home
walk my dog
edit what i did
from the day
and then go to bed at 3
and then do it all over again
and the only time i feel normal
and not being blue from my girl
is when i am on my board in the complete silence of the mountain
and to most people they just cant comprehend that feeling
or mindset
they would rather be clubing it up in NYC
and thats there idea of living

Top 20 most influencial shreds in my life

Buoloco 2017