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James Craig is the representation of pure love towards skateboarding. No makeup like the band Kiss or fake paraphernalia. Just pure love, passion and having fun no matter what.
Here's our first skateboard chat with a heavy metal skateboarder. Lady's and gent's, we're stoked to introduce you to the one and only, James Craig.

1) Top 10 skateboarders of all time and why?

1 Guy Mariano : He's a timeless skateboarder in my opinion. His style is sometimes a little different but in a good way, not contrived and not forced   just his real style. Guy has always been an innovator when it come to skate maneuvers for over 2 decades and I think everyone knows that, from his "Video Days" part to "Mouse" and now with "Fully Flaired" he does tricks people didn't do and made them look very comfortable.

2. Danny Way : I mean what needs to be said clearly one of the gnarlyest skaters ever! From doing street tricks on vert in "Virtual Reality" to taking a skateboard as far as humanly possible with his mega ramp stuff. Not to mention his street skills that could rival most skaters of the any era (see Plan B's Questionable and Virtual Reality)

3. Mark Gonzales : The Gonz really embodies skateboarding as a hole to me just ever evolving, progressing and spontaneous. Some people just think he's crazy but the mindset of a skater is always a bit different. He's the god father of street skating and still has one of the illest front side inverts ever!

4 Eric Koston : He's our Michael Jordan, straight up weather it's video parts, contest, innovation, style or random dork tricks Koston is at the top of all categories. He has been at the top for what 15 plus years and I don't see him slowing down at all, you never know if his next ad will be a front side air in a pool or a 360 flip nose blunt slide on a rail, it's more often then not done with steez and landed perfect.

5 Rodney Mullen : We all know why, Rod made up most of the tricks kids know today 20 plus years ago, not much more to say then he is the techest skater of all time and add in how smart the guy is and it's a no brainer.

6 John Cardiel : John is the most raw and powerful skater every to ride a useless wooden toy, hands down. I mean when you watch him skate you see that he's putting everything he has into it and that is rare. His passion could be summed up in a quote of his own "You gotta want it!" and John defiantly did. If your not familiar with Cards skating watch TWS Sight Unseen and his Epicly Later'd episode.

7 Mike Carroll : MC has been in the game as long as most of the people on this list and still dropping insane video parts with tricks that haven't been done before (front side flip hurricane grinds on ledges!) and with amazing form and truly original style. He was a staple of SF street skating in the EMB days and let's face it the best Back side smith drind ever!

8 Brian Lotti : Lotti was always one of the smoothest technicians and combined with an innovative street skaters in the 90's. His flow on a skateboard seemed so controlled and fun to watch and add to that his artistic perspective that really showed in his skating.


9 Daewon Song : Daewon's board control is freakish! His trucks are looser than any truck I have ridden and yet he can balance perfectly on them and stills skate a pool with Salba! I have had the pleasure of skating with this guy a good amount over the last 10 years and I have to say it's even crazier to see in person, from his mini ramp skills(See Cheese and Crackers) to how fast he skates with the precision of his footwork seems unreal!  

10  Andrew Reynolds : Reynolds is a beast all around and not to mention he's been doing some of the biggest shit for 15 years now and still going strong. His pop and style seem to fit perfectly into any aspect of his skating from flat ground to front side flipping anything in his path. The Boss is incredible to watch on a skateboard.

2) If you owned a time machine, what year would you like to visit and/or what situation would you change from the past?

 well I would say the 93-94 EMB era would be really sick to witness cause a lot of influential guys came out of SF at that time. Situation I would change from the past, easy not to quit DVS for Circa but hindsight is 20/20 right?

3) Who has the most stylish "ollie" ever?

I'm gonna have to go with 2 first the Gonz cause it's so raw not always perfect but the way he throws his body out in front and kinda floats to me looks amazing. Second Keith Hufnagel cause the pop and form are 2nd to none simple just like the trick.

4) Why did you create your company "smlwheels.com"?

I was kicked off my last wheel sponsor via a very generic E-mail and it kinda left a bitter taste in my mouth. I have always wanted to be a part of starting a company but it always seemed kind of out of reach and this situation thanks to a few close friends worked out perfectly. I wanted to make a good quality product with a fun vibe that could reach out to a wide range of skaters which we are still working on but it seems to be having a good response over the last 6 months or so. Small wheels is a company for us by us....yeah like FUBU haha.

5) After being in the show for so many years, you must have a favorite skateboard shoe. What would that be?

I think this is pretty easy for me it's the Marc Johnson 1 by Lakai. After the Circa deal I got to go into the shop any shoe I wanted that would work good for me. The MJ had a super good suede toe and the sole up  at the front was kinda tucked in so it had great flick and not to mention the heel had a nice rubber piece that made heel flip tricks seem to respond good for me. Super comfy and thick enough in the heel to protect from heel bruises. Now i'm running the Anthem by DVS that are incredible by the way!

6) Any thanks?

Thanks to anyone who has helped me in the 20 years I've been skateboarding especially my family and My girlfriend Lisa, Matt Pindroh from Liberty, Rodney and Weiss at Dwindle/Blind, Aaron,Kyle and Austyn for helping me start Sml. wheels, Luis Cruz from Almost, you Ed and to anyone who loves skateboarding as much as I do, Thank you!

Buoloco 2017

  Greay Skateboarder:):):):)


 Great Skateboarder:):):):) and a Great Human

smlwheels.com are the shit:)

smlwheels.com are the shit:)

 Brian Lotti Where is he?????


Brian Lotti Where is he?????

  He skates arroun L.A:)


 He skates arroun L.A:) Stand still