Russell Winfield Talks

Russell Winfield use to be part of Pacific Drive Crew, which included Roan Rogers, Nate Cole, Danny Way, etc...). After four pro models with Ride Snowboards and traveling the world several times shredding with baseless bindings, Russell Winfield decided to jump off the train back in 1999 and the rest is history. We're super psyched to present you all with an amazing interview with one of the greatest personalities the snowboard world has ever known, Mr. Russell Winfield.

Buoloco 2017

Hey Ya,



You came into Island Water Sports in Breck the season of 94/5 and picked up a pair of Burton Freestyle bindings because you wouldn't ride the ones that were given to you by your sponsor.


I was always intriqued by you. You were cool. Ride on brother.


-IWS employee, local breck shredder...

Russell W

Duce was the shit. your personality in the old films was dope! i always enjoyed that stuff. 


Solid Dude

Solid Dude

you were always a huge

you were always a huge influence to all of us during the vail days, as well as the whitey years.

thanks russell.